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Latest blips 'When Stars Align' - first draft of screenplay delivered

It's a big day for the continuing development of our upcoming adaptation of the star-crossed Civil War love story WHEN STARS ALIGN, based on the acclaimed novel by Carole Eglash-Kosoff.

Producer Adrian Paul reports that Gregory Marquette has delivered his first draft of the screenplay, which is being written as a mini-series to fully capture the history, passion and power of the original story.

New artwork will be delivered within the next couple of weeks and you'll be able to see it here first!

Stars re-align for
'When Stars Align'

In the middle of September, we told you how an emergency heat advisory in California's Santa Clarita Valley stifled attempts to film a sizzle reel for Filmblips' movie version of the forbidden Civil War love story WHEN STARS ALIGN. Costs rose even faster than the temperatures, click the link below to find out the current position and add your thoughts.


'When Stars Align'
can't beat the heat

Several weeks of location scouting, storyboarding, crewing up, and casting for the September 15/16 shoot of the demo reel for "When Stars Align" in California's Santa Clarita Valley have been delayed by an emergency heat advisory.


New co-production partner

Filmblips is moving forward with their slate of five films to be shot in Europe and North America.

It is pleased to announce the award-winning production company Zanzibar Films as their latest co-production partner.


Battleground Zero sizzle reel

Filmblips has recently finished a sizzle reel for Battle Ground Zero, an action/adventure film and television series that crosses the classic morality of Lord of the Flies with the terror and timeliness of 28 Days Later.....


New deal sees 5 move forwardsl

Filmblips has signed a deal with Canadian production company Legacy Filmworks to produce the feature film Five..........


Carol Eglash Kossoff novel

Adrian Paul and Filmblips have taken on the development of the acclaimed Carol Eglash Kossoff novel When Stars Align.


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