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Meet the team

Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul
Actor, Producer and Director

Aoltan Furedi

Zoltan Furedi

Producer, Director and Writer

Gabor Windt

Gabor Windt

Associate Producer.

Marta Sziklia

Marta Sziklai

Office Manager

Filmblips, a Canadian based company with offices in Toronto, Los Angeles and Budapest, was founded by Adrian Paul and Zoltan Furedi in 2008.

At Filmblips, we believe in the art of filmmaking, however, we are also very aware of the need to make our films commercially successful for our investors.

All of our projects, which span a variety of genres, both in film and television, must contain two main ingredients, a good creative approach and a solid business plan.

Our motto is “a good foundation makes success attainable”, therefore all of our own projects are developed in house using the finest filmmakers possible.

The budgets utilize various types of tax structures and endorsements, along with gap financing, thus allowing us to not only produce our own projects, but to offer film servicing for other productions, in both Canada and Hungary.

At Filmblips we firmly believe that a successful project must have passion and attention to detail, so beginning with the initial scripts we adopt a hands-on approach to artwork creation, and package development. In order to ensure a high standard to our projects, we oversee all above and below the line artists, supervise post-production all the way to final collection and back them with solid marketing plans.

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