Basile's Legacy, a FilmBlips production Basile's Legacy, a FilmBlips production

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First draft of rewrite delivered

David Abramowitz (Highlander The Series) delivers first draft of the rewrite with new characters and adjusted storyline. Keep an eye out on Facebook for more info.

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Basile's Legacy a Filmblips production
Basile's Legacy, a Filmblips production

Italy in the 1970’s. The village of San Vincente
is dying. Its aging Mayor Basile Gianbatista, a flawed but endearing man, refuses to believe it, promising that a new school teacher, running water and a better life for all will come.

When? Well, soon.

The only one who really believes him is his grandson Dino, and perhaps his wife Silvana, everyone else, including his son Flavio with whom he argues constantly, thinks he may
have begun to lose his mind.

The next day a classic Mercedes Convertible, pulled by a mule, rolls into town, driven by a scruffy stranger named Boba. When out steps Maria, the new schoolteacher, Basile declares that the first of his promises has come true. Later, seeing Maria produce two bottles of vintage wine, Basile announces that he has found the way to save them from impending doom. “How?” asks Flavio, “By growing our own wine, of course!”.

When Maria, with Boba’s help, gets the water finally flowing to San Vincente, Basile promptly declares his second promise has materialized and their destiny is in now within reach, But making wine and saving a village is never that easy. Or is it?

Dreams can come true

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