Battleground Zero, a Filmblips production Battleground Zero, a Filmblips production

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The Facts

Fact One

In the 1950’s and 1960’s governments tested the effects of human programming by Pain Drug Hypnosis (PDH), such as the CIA’s MK Ultra program.

Fact two

A form of PDH is still used by many
of the world’s governments to rid themselves of unwanted members
of their society.

Fact three

2008 was possibly
the worst year on record
for fatal knife attacks
in Great Britain.

Fact four

In 2009 mass riots, headed by
the country’s youth, broke out in
Luton, Birmingham, London,
Blackburn and Manchester.


Sizzle reel prepared

Filmblips has recently finished a sizzle reel for Battle Ground Zero, an action/adventure film and television series that crosses the classic morality of Lord of the Flies with the terror and timeliness of 28 Days Later.....


Battlegoundzero, a Filmblips production

Timeline - 1 week

In a London suburb lives a dysfunctional family; Jake, a jobless father with recurring head aches, Kate a workaholic mother and their two sons; Daniel 17, a rebellious teenager and William 11, a savant, looked after by their live-in babysitter Alice. A family that soon finds itself torn apart by a teenage revolution, that will test loyalties and bonds, not only to those they once called friends, but also to each other.

Battleground Zero artwork

When Samantha, a police community officer and her partner George, are drawn into an ambush that leaves police officers massacred, it seems to signal a nationwide revolt that quickly turns into anarchy.

The teenagers unbridled rage, directed towards adults and anyone that is deemed “the enemy”, is blamed on a website called “Elysium”, yet no one can be sure who created it.

A small group of survivors, headed by Sybil, an outspoken member of parliament and her ever-vigilant minder Thomas, take shelter in a local school. They are determined to hold out long enough until help arrives, but when the gangs uncover their hideout it seems nothing will save them from the sons and daughters who have turned, virtually overnight, into merciless killers.

"No adult is safe" - Battleground Zero, a Filmblips production

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