Casanova The Legend, a Filmblips producton Casanova, The Legend, a Filmblips production

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Creative portfolio delivered

Filmblips delivers creative portfiolio based on the 32 synopsis written by Adrian Paul on the life of Giacomo Casanova.

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Filmblips in talks with Eastern European studio for co prodcution deal

Adrian comments on Casanova

In view of the interest in this production, Filmblips on FACEBOOK asked Adrian Paul for some background information/comments.

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Casanova - The Legend a Filmblips production
Casanova, The Legend, a Filmblips production

The name “Casanova” is a household word. Most associate it with a man renowned as the world’s greatest lover; yet few know he escaped a maximum security prison, or set up the very first French lottery for the king of France; or that he was also a secretary, soldier, preacher, alchemist, gambler, violinist and a spy.

The unbelievable stories in “Casanova - The Legend”, begin with the older Casanova writing his memoirs in Castle Waldestein, where he spent his final years ridiculed by the staff, trying desperately to hold on to his dignity. Stories of his youth show a man unrestrained by convention, egotistical, intelligent, proud, vengeful and hot tempered, yet at the same time, a man who also had a genuine love and respect for women.

Casanova’s early craving for his beautiful, but distant mother’s affection, his insecurity over his working class background and his constant fear of being found out, drove him to becoming a total over-achiever. He led a life stranger than fiction. Full of adventure, romance, tragedy and danger, gaining him legendary status well before his death. But unlike most legends, Casanova’s adventures were true!

With his name on our lips for over two hundred years, Casanova has been propelled into legendary status, one that he could only have dreamt of achieving.

The legend will be told
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