5, a 'contemporary Deliverance', a production by Filmblips 5, a 'contemporary Deliverance', a production by Filmblips

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Latest blips on 5 New deal sees 5 move forwardsl

Filmblips has signed a deal with Canadian production company Legacy Filmworks to produce the feature film Five..........


Day two of the promo shoot

Sunday August 21 2011

After a long first day, our tired cast and crew got up and grabbed a quick breakfast before making the 40-minute drive back up the mountain for Day Two of production....

Promotional begins shooting

Saturday August 20 2011

Today a crew of 28 went into the San Bernadino mountains to shoot for two days to create an exciting promo for "Filmblips' feature presentation of 'FIVE".

Promo shoot delayed After extensively searching for actors and gathering an experienced crew, the shooting of the promo for "Five" may have hit a snag that no one expected. In the last two days of preparation for the weekend shoot, hotels were booked, the crew was assembled, insurance was paid, equipment (lighting, cameras, etc.) rentals were lined up and the actors were set to go. 

But that's when a representative from the Forestry Division contacted our Line Producer, Evan, to inform him that the lake where production was set to take place just so happens to be the favorite nesting site of a rare bird on the endangered species list.

The Forestry's expert spotted the birds nesting and has banned the production from using lights that would illuminate the forest at night. With only two days to change plans, the decision was made to push the production to possibly the weekend of August 12th, location dependent. Adrian said, “It gives us a little extra time to find the lost location and leave the now mating chicks in peace.”

Promotional film for 5
to be shot in August

700 miles and countless hours later, a location for the promotional film for 5 has finally been found.

Casting moves forwards

Visit Facebook for the latest information on casting as the pieces slowly come together

Casting directors
announced for 5

Filmblips is proud to announce that Victoria Burrows and Scot Boland have signed on
as Casting Directors for 5. They will have the task of honing in on the most appropriate and capable talent possible for each of the film's roles. 

"Victoria and Scot have cast some huge films, and they love this script," said  Producer Adrian Paul. "We begin casting on two of the lead roles this coming week.

With exciting talent already lining up behind the camera, we look forward to introducing you to the faces you'll be seeing in front of it. Keep an eye on Facebook for more news and updates.
Scouting commences on 5

Scouting commenced just before the snow and rain arrived. Pop over to FACEBOOK for exclusive and more.


5, a 'contemporary Deliverance', a production by Filmblips

It should have been filled with amazing vistas, lush forest and fun rapids. But the spectacle of the Alaskan wilderness shatters, when the group stumbles onto a Ranger’s campground and finds his shredded torso; an apparent bear attack. They bury the body and make a note of its location with the intent of telling the proper authorities when they reach the pick up point in 3 days; their only way out of the wilderness. Until then, they're on their own.

With the pitch black of the Alaskan night closing in fast and no communication to the outside world, they set up camp nearby. During night watch, an attack comes from the darkness. A hasty shot is fired and finds its target. The five friends turn over the carcass only to find a young native wearing skins and clutching a bear-claw in his dead hand. In a panic they bury this body too.

Later that night, a tall bearskin-wearing native Male, looking for his missing son, confronts them. Being afraid of his idea of justice, they deny seeing anyone. But it's not long before the Man finds his buried son and the group finds themselves the target of a Master Hunter seeking revenge. no-one was meant to die

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